About Us

Locally owned and operated since the beginning of its existence.

Saltwater Connection is located at 24 Port Road Whangarei, Originally the store was named Leigh Distributors, but after aquiring The Dive Connection and relocating that business to the port road site , it was decided that a name change was in order to fit the new look 600 sqm store.

The Team at Saltwater Connection pride them selves on great product knowledge , with great service to back it up.

Theres a massive range of all types of saltwater fishing tackle, rod , reels as well as bait and ice , along with the huge range of scuba and snorkeling gear.

Reel and rod servicing is all done inhouse, Scuba tank testing , air fills are also done onsite, we have a regulator service tech on hand as well with some 35 years of industry experience.

For the past 9 years the store has given away either a boat or a vehicle , This years winner was Tom Kalis, one of regular divers and fishos.


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Photo Competition Terms and Conditions


Submission of photos in the Saltwater Connection photo competition (“the Competition”) and/or voting for any photo submitted is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”).

  1. PROMOTER: Saltwater Connection

    2.    ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to anyone, except for employees and their immediate families, any person travelling with us for promotional or business related activities (including but not limited to agents, media, tour guides, other prize winners), charter groups, special events, group bookings, volunteers and members of the Board of Directors and their families of Saltwater Connection. Saltwater Connection reserves the right to verify the validity of all entries.
  2. HOW TO ENTER: To submit a photo for entry in the competition, upload your photo on the Saltwater Connection Facebook page.
  3. PHOTO SUBMISSION PERIOD: The competition will run from 12pm Monday 1st October to Tuesday 23rd October. Photos can be submitted up to the final day of the competition period. The competition period may be changed at the promoter’s discretion.
  4. PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: The photo(s) must meet reasonable standards of decency. Saltwater Connection has the sole discretion to determine whether or not a photo meets these requirements.
  5. NUMBER OF ENTRIES: You may submit unlimited photos during the Photo Submission Period however; only one photo is eligible to win.
  6. HOW TO WIN: The winner of the competition will be determined as the photo with the greatest number of likes at the conclusion of the photo submission period.
  7. VOTING PERIOD: Same as the photo submission period. 
  8. HOW TO VOTE: A voter must like the photo posted to the Saltwater Connection Facebook page.
  9. NUMBER OF VOTES: A voter may only vote once for an individual photo but may vote for as many different photos as they like. A person may vote once for their own photo or if they have submitted more than one photo, for each photo once.
  10. SOLICITING VOTES: An entrant may solicit votes on Facebook. Saltwater Connection reserves the right to discount any votes deemed invalid or to disqualify the entrant all together.
  11. PHOTO WINNER NOTIFICATION: The photo winner will be announced 12pm Tuesday 23rd October via the Saltwater Connection Facebook page. The winner will be notified via Facebook. If after seven days a winner has not claimed their prize, the prize will be given to the entrant with the next highest number of votes who can be notified on the terms above. In the event of a draw, lots will be drawn to decide the winner.
  12. PRIZES: The winner of the competition will receive the Saltwater Connection prize pack (Penn esky, MAF straw hat, Sea Harvester and Owner caps, MAF Black Snapper shirt, Sea Harvester braid scissors, Sea Harvester split ring pliers, Sea Harvester 4.5kg braid, boat shoes, and a ticket to the upcoming Zest Jigging Seminar). Saltwater Connection reserves the right to change the prizes throughout the competition.   Any change to prize will be updated in the competition terms and conditions.
  13. ANNOUNCEMENTS: By submitting a photo for entry and/or voting, each entrant hereby agrees to participate in any publicity related to the competition. Entrants and winners in the competition agree that their identity may be disclosed in winner announcements and promotional material. Winners also agree to have his/her image used for publicity purposes without any additional payment being made.
  14. PRIZE ELIGIBILITY: Saltwater Connection cannot be held responsible for the winner being unable to redeem their prize. In order to claim the prize the winner must be able to pick it up from the store within 7 days. Saltwater Connection reserves the right to forfeit the prize and the competition will be given to the photo with the second highest likes.
  15. PHOTO USAGE: By submitting a photo, the entrant agrees to allow Saltwater Connection and associates permission to use the image for the purposes of promoting Saltwater Connection or the Competition, now and into the future, at no cost to Saltwater Connection. The entrant also agrees to allow Saltwater Connection to use their photo for printed collateral, online, in store and across other marketing mediums, at Saltwater Connection’s sole discretion and at no cost.
  16. PHOTO TALENT: By submitting the photo, the entrant declares that they have the permission of all individual(s) captured in photo(s) to share and publish their image.
  17. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: In submitting a photo for entry, the entrant declares that they have taken the photo and own and have sole and complete intellectual property rights to the photo. The entrant will indemnify Saltwater Connection against any claim, loss or costs incurred by Saltwater Connection where a third party claims ownership of the rights to a photo. Saltwater Connection reserves the right to request proof of photo ownership.
  18. SOCIAL MEDIA: By entering this contest you agree to release all Facebook/Twitter or any other social media platforms of any liability or obligation related to the entry and you acknowledge the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook/Twitter or any other social media platform.
  19. CONTRACT LAW: All agreements and contracts shall be subject solely to New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts. 
  20. ENTRY FORMAT: Acceptable entries will be photo files from either digital cameras or smart phone cameras or electronic scans with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. No images supplied in hard copy will be accepted.
  21. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Entries may not be acknowledged or returned. Participants have the obligation to ensure entries are received on time. Saltwater Connection can choose to keep or remove images from their page on completion of the competition should they wish to do so. Entrants can request removal of their images.
  22. CHANGES TO COMPETITION: Saltwater Connection reserves the right to change the prizes throughout the competition.   Any change to prize will be updated in the competition terms and conditions.