Wooden Smoker House Inc 5 Racks (Pick Up Instore Only)

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Now you can take any cut of meat and make it even more delicious when you use the Wooden Smoker House with 5 Included Racks. Made of wood, it is sturdy and reliable. It will give you full control over your meat's flavour and aroma, and even let you take cheaper cuts of meat and have them taste like expensive commercially smoked cuts! You can even make your own sausages and cheese and smoke them to add great depth of flavour. This smoker house comes with 5 included racks, so you can lay out your meats and other food in a convenient and organised fashion.

Note: Please note that this product requires a smoke generator to begin the smoking process. This listing is for the wooden smoke house and 4 racks only.

Sturdy, reliable wood smoker house
Comes with 5 included racks
Gives you full control over the flavour and aroma of the meat
Makes cheaper cuts taste and smell expensive after smoking
Helps preserve and reduce bacteria in meat
Packed flat with assembly instructions
Packed flat dimensions: 176 x 68 x 16cm
Dimensions: 1.8m high x 650mm wide x 450mm deep
Removable floor for easy clean up
Material: Chinese Cedar Wood